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Exports of Infrared Systems Eased for Military End-Use to Allied CountriesPREMIUM

NEC Developing Novel Uncooled FPA PREMIUM

Colloidal Quantum Dots (CQD) Moving into Military ApplicationsPREMIUM

SOCOM Version of IVAS Seeking Very Lightweight Multipurpose SystemPREMIUM

Sanctions Imposed on IRay for Supporting Russia’s War on UkrainePREMIUM

DARPA’s Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) Holding an Open HousePREMIUM

Upgrade of Javelin Seeker Being DelayedPREMIUM

Bullard Introduces New Line of Firefighting Thermal ImagersPREMIUM

Changes supplier of thermal cores

New Infrared Imaging ProductsPREMIUM

Company BriefsPREMIUM

Government Contract AwardsPREMIUM

Government Contract SolicitationsPREMIUM

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Infrared Market Research Reports

Volume IRW-C: The World Market for Commercial and Dual-Use Infrared Imaging and Infrared Thermometry Equipment (2024 edition)


World infrared imaging markets are poised to enter a new phase. The bubble in demand for EST/fever screening systems has now abated and markets are returning to normal. The development of new low-cost uncooled imaging detector cores and competitive pressures are leading to lower prices in a wide range of applications from thermographic inspections to law enforcement to automotive driver's aids to smartphone thermal imagers.


Volume IRW-M: The World Market for Military Infrared Imaging Detectors & Systems (2024 edition)


Military infrared imaging systems are poised to take a leap forward as advanced new infrared detector technologies become available for the next generation of systems. 

Includes the effects on military markets of the war in Ukraine and the Middle East conflict.

[Available January 15, 2024]

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