By Month (February 2005)

BAE Uncooled Driver’s Sights for Terrier Armored VehiclePREMIUM

BAE Systems is preparing to ship uncooled Driver’s Night Vision Systems (DNVS2) for the Terrier Combat Engineer vehicle. Each Terrier will have three cameras: infrared cameras on the front and side and a visible camera used for backing up.

Airline Missile DefensePREMIUM

Northrop Grumman expects to flight test its commercial aircraft protection system in flight tests on a Boeing 747 and MD-11 later this year. The company’s anti-missile system, called Guardian, is based on the company’s Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) system which is used on military aircraft and has been proven effective against ground-based shoulder-fired missiles.

IR Chemical Imaging in ManufacturingPREMIUM

Spectral Dimensions has developed an infrared chemical imaging system that can be used as a process monitoring tool in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The company’s Blend Monitor is intended for use with the large blenders used by the pharmaceutical industry to mix the dry powder ingredients that are subsequently pressed into tablets.

CROWS Deployed in IraqPREMIUM

The Army is deploying 35 Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) to Iraq for mounting on the M1117 up-armored HMMWV.

SPIE’s Infrared Technology and Applications ConferencePREMIUM

SPIE’s Infrared Technology and Applications XXXI Conference – a part of SPIE’s DSS - Defense & Security Symposium - will feature the latest developments in IR technology and sensor systems.

Gulfstream Receives EVS Validation in EuropePREMIUM

Gulfstream has received validation of its long-range Gulfstream G500 business jet from both the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). The validation enables the G500 to be certified and registered in the 25 European nations that comprise JAA.

Global Hawk to Get New SensorsPREMIUM

Global Hawk, the most advanced high-endurance UAV, is about to be equipped with an enhanced suite of sensors. The Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) is being upgraded to the Enhanced Integrated Sensor Suite (EISS).

Firefighters Grant Program Funds IR CamerasPREMIUM

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) processed 313 grants totaling $31 million during the month of January 2005 under the fiscal year 2004 Assistance to Firefighters program. The FY2004 program has so far funded over 1000 thermal imagers for firefighters.

New Infrared Imaging ProductsPREMIUM


Company BriefsPREMIUM


Government Contract Awards in Infrared ImagingPREMIUM


Government Contract Solicitations in Infrared ImagingPREMIUM


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