By Month (September 2004)

The Big Microbolometer SwitchoverPREMIUM

Indigo Systems (a division of FLIR Systems) and FLIR Systems are deep in engineering work to change all of the company’s uncooled infrared cameras to Indigo camera cores.

Raytheon Launches New a-Si CorePREMIUM

Raytheon Commercial Infrared, RCI, is launching a new camera core based on a new small-pixel (30µm pitch) 160 x 120 amorphous silicon (a-Si) microbolometer.

Honda Debuts Night Vision SystemPREMIUM

Honda is introducing an Intelligent Night Vision System that will be available on the Honda Legend in Japan this Fall.

DHS Selects Two Teams for Counter MANPADSPREMIUM

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has selected two industry teams to begin the Systems Development and Demonstration (SDD) phase of a commercial aircraft anti-missile system.

Changing Core Suppliers in Fire FightingPREMIUM

In the intensely competitive market for thermal imagers in fire fighting, two companies, Bullard and MSA, have decided to change the suppliers for the camera cores used in their infrared cameras.

Obzerv System Passes U.S. Navy TestsPREMIUM

Obzerv Technologies’ Active Range-Gated Television (ARGTV) system has passed acceptance tests by the U.S. Navy. The final part of the tests involved reading 15-inch (38.1 cm) high letters at 3 miles (4.8 km), in 80% relative humidity and total darkness (no moon light).

Company BriefsPREMIUM


Government Contract Awards in Infrared ImagingPREMIUM


Government Contract Solicitations in Infrared ImagingPREMIUM


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