By Month (May 2002)

Thermal Omnibus II EvolvingPREMIUM

The U.S. Army’s upcoming Thermal Omnibus II program - under which the Army will procure large numbers of uncooled infrared systems - is changing as the time approaches for the final RFP.

European Auto Night VisionPREMIUM

ICAR (Infrared Camera for cAR) is a pan-European project to develop a driver’s vision enhancement system.

World IR Imaging MarketsPREMIUM

The landscape after 9/11.

Chinese Companies Enter Commercial IR MarketPREMIUM

Two Chinese companies have entered the commercial infrared imaging market with cameras for fire fighting, predictive maintenance and surveillance.

AIM Takes Aim at 3rd Gen FPAsPREMIUM

AEG Infrarot Module, AIM is positioning itself for 3rd generation infrared FPAs. Although the definition of third generation is still evolving, it will certainly include large multicolor arrays.

Night Operations and Technologies ConferencePREMIUM


DRS Demonstrates 640x480 MicrobolometerPREMIUM


SBIRS Low RestructuredPREMIUM

SBIRS Low (Space Based Infrared Systems Low) has been restructured. TRW has now been named the prime contractor for the space-based missile tracking system.

New Infrared Imaging ProductsPREMIUM


Company BriefsPREMIUM


Government Contract Awards in Infrared ImagingPREMIUM


Government Contract Solicitations in Infrared ImagingPREMIUM


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