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July 2023

OMFV Replacement for Bradley Renamed XM30PREMIUM

Suppliers Downselected for Detailed Design

April 2023

June 2010

November 2007

Textron Acquiring UIC/AAIPREMIUM

Textron Crop. is acquiring UIC Corp., the parent of AAI Corp., for $1.1 billion in a cash tender offer. AAI Corp. makes the Shadow 200, 300 and 400 UAVs; and is teamed with Honeywell on the micro-air-vehicle (MAV), which uses a ducted fan propulsion system to enable vertical take-off and landing.

August 2006

FLIR Wins Final Selection for ARHPREMIUM

FLIR Systems has been selected by Bell Helicopter Textron to supply the EO system for the Army’s Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH). FLIR will supply the BRITE Star II® airborne stabilized multi-sensor system (640 x 480 InSb) as the Target Acquisition Sensor Suite (TASS) for ARH.