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July 2023

OMFV Replacement for Bradley Renamed XM30PREMIUM

Suppliers Downselected for Detailed Design

January 2023

December 2020

AIM Delivers HOT MWIR MCT to Major ProgramsPREMIUM

Keeping up with the Competition from HOT T2SL Technology

August 2019

February 2019

April 2018

January 2018

AIM Gets Production Contract for HOT Weapon SightPREMIUM

AIM Infrarot Module (Heilbronn, Germany) has been awarded a production contract for 235 HOT HuntIR Mk2 clip-on thermal weapon sights for Germany’s IdZ-ES Infantryman of the Future program.

July 2017

June 2016

APS Systems: A Future Big Market for Infrared FPAs?PREMIUM

Active Protection Systems (APS) for armored vehicles are becoming a necessity as rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and anti-armor munitions become more effective against even the best armor. In APS systems an incoming round is detected and tracked and a counter munition is fired to destroy the round before it can damage the vehicle.

In the most recent systems, infrared FPAs are being used.

June 2010

Company BriefsPREMIUM


October 2006

German Future Soldier SystemPREMIUM

The new enhanced version of the German future soldier system, IdZ-ES (Infanteristen der Zukunft) is increasing the number of infrared sights to be provided to soldiers. Earlier this year The German MoD’s BWB procurement agency awarded the prime contract for an enhanced version of IdZ to prime contractor Rheinmetall.

July 2006