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Agilent Partners with Nippon AvionicsPREMIUM

Introduces Thermography Camera

October 2013

FLIR and Fluke Launch New Thermography CamerasPREMIUM

Jockeying for Space at the Low-End


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The Latest in the Thermography WarsPREMIUM

FLIR vs. Fluke

October 2011

August 2010

Jostling for Space at the Low EndPREMIUM

Infrared Cameras for Building Inspection

October 2009

November 2008

Axsys Expands OperationsPREMIUM

Increases Product Offerings

June 2008

FLIR Systems Pushes Prices Below $3KPREMIUM

Competition in low-end thermography cameras is heating up. FLIR Systems’ latest introduction, the i5 camera, pushes prices below $3K—a level unheard of just a few years ago.

February 2008

New Fluke Cameras Push Pricing Below $5KPREMIUM

Fluke is introducing four new handheld cameras which are pushing the pricing of thermography cameras below $5000. Two of the new cameras, Ti10 and Ti25, are intended for industrial and electrical inspections; the other two TiR and TiR1, are intended for building inspection.

August 2007

Fluke Acquires IrconPREMIUM

Fluke has acquired Ircon from Spectris plc for $33 million on a debt and cash-free basis and subject to a working capital adjustment. Ircon specializes in spot infrared sensors including on-line IR thermometers, portable spot thermometers and line scanners.

October 2006

Company BriefsPREMIUM


August 2006

March 2006

New Infrared Cameras Push the Boundaries at the Low EndPREMIUM

The introduction of infrared cameras at aggressive low price points are pushing infrared imaging into new markets and applications. Three manufacturers have recently introduced such cameras, two of them after extensive test marketing during 2005.