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Automotive Night Vision Takes Another Leap ForwardPREMIUM

Autoliv Tests its New Thermal and Near-Infrared Fusion System

May 2010

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November 2009

December 2008

Auto Night Vision in EuropePREMIUM

A More Ambitious FPA Development

September 2008

December 2007

Autoliv Plans New Night Vision Product LaunchPREMIUM

Autoliv is preparing to introduce its new Night Vision 2 system to aid drivers of passenger cars when driving at night. The new system will offer significant new capabilities while simultaneously lowering the cost to automakers.

January 2007

BMW Gives OK to Next Gen Auto Night VisionPREMIUM

After a thorough evaluation of both passive thermal and active near infrared (NIR) automotive night vision systems, German luxury car maker BMW has decided to stay with thermal imaging (called “FIR” or “Far Infrared” in the automotive industry).

February 2006

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