By Month (December 2015)

i3system Prepares to Launch Smartphone thermal Imager in U.S.

i3system (Daejon, South Korea) is preparing to launch its Thermal Expert™ smartphone thermal imager in the U.S. The company’s thermal imaging attachment makes use of i3systems’ own 384 x 288 uncooled microbolometer with 17 micron pixels and works with Android Smartphones.

DVE (Degraded Visual Environment) Program Ready to Take Off

Helicopter pilots are constantly faced with a loss of visibility when close to the ground, especially in sandy terrain. Such brownout conditions in degraded visual environments (DVE) have resulted in the loss of nearly 400 Army aircraft, 150 lives and cost over $1 billion. The solution is expected to lie in multispectral sensors (Infrared, Lidar - 3D infrared and millimeter wave and sensor fusion).

Bullard Completing Transition to DRS Microbolometers

DRS Pushes Cooled MCT to a New Record for Large Formats with Ultra-Small Pixels

Dassault Launches Combined Vision System for Business Jet

Cascade Electro Optics Launches Consulting Company

New Infrared Imaging Products

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Government Contract Awards

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