By Month (November 2015)

More Consolidation in Fire Fighting Thermal Imagers

Avon Rubber plc (UK) has acquired the “Argus” thermal imaging fire fighting business of E2V Technologies (Chelmsford, Essex, UK) for £3.5 million in cash ($5.4 million).

The company’s Avon Protection unit, which also makes SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), has had a small presence in the fire thermal imaging market with its nvision XTP, a thermal imager based on a 320 x 240 amorphous silicon microbolometer made by L-3 Infrared Products.

Seek Thermal OEM Products Ready to Take Off


Seek Thermal – in addition to its smartphone attachments – has been aggressively courting OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to incorporate its 206 x 156/12 VOx microbolometer cores in their cameras for applications for predictive maintenance/building inspection, drones payloads, security cameras, automotive night vision, etc.


FLIR Builds Small Infrared Imagers into Ordinary Handheld Electrical Meters


Raytheon Jumps the Gun on 3rd Gen for Bradley


Edmund Optics Starts Production of Molded Chalcogenide Glasses


New Infrared Imaging Products


Company Briefs


Government Contract Awards


Government Contract Solicitations


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