By Month (September 2007)

DRS Seeks End to TWS Problems

DRS Technologies is seeking to put an end to its Thermal Weapon Sight woes after having suspended shipments of TWS II for over five months due to a boresighting problem.

French InGaAs Capability

The Alcatel-Thales III-V Lab. has developed 320 x 256 InGaAs FPAs with good performance.


World Military IR Markets

The world military infrared systems market grew at a blazing growth rate in 2006.

BAE Systems Wins Digital ENVG

BAE Systems Infrared Imaging Systems has won an advanced technology demonstration award for the Digital Enhanced Night Vision Goggle, ENVG(D).

Schneider Electric Buys Pelco


Nova Sensors Seeks to Push IR Scene Projection to New Heights with High Current RIICs

Nova Sensors is developing a new generation of Read-In-Integrated Circuits (RIIC) which will enable infrared scene projectors (IRSPs) to run at much higher temperatures and thus be able to better simulate the hot exhausts and plumes of missiles.

Multispectral Imaging Improves Performance of Microcantilever Arrays

Multispectral Imaging, Inc., MII is making significant progress in the performance of its uncooled bi-material microcantilever arrays.

New Infrared Imaging Products


Company Briefs


Government Contract Awards in Infrared Imaging


Government Contract Solicitations in Infrared Imaging


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