By Month (July 2005)

Mercedes-Benz Introduces Active Night Vision System

Mercedes-Benz is introducing an active driver’s night vision system on its flagship S-series 2006-year models.

BAE Systems Reorganizes

BAE Systems in North America is reorganizing after acquiring United Defense Industries (UDI) for $4.2 billion.

Microcantilever Technology Springs Back to Life

Almost two years after the investors in Sarcon Microsystems pulled the plug, uncooled microcantilever technology is again attracting attention. Multispectral Imaging Inc. (MII) has just negotiated an exclusive worldwide license with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) for its patents involving the use of microcantilever sensors for infrared imaging.

U.S. Army Prepares Development of DAS

The U.S. Army is preparing to start development of a Distributed Aperture System (DAS) to provide the drivers and crew members of armored vehicles with unprecedented situational awareness. A draft BAA has been issued.

American Health Choice to Acquire MHS

American HealthChoice, Inc. has signed a letter of intent to acquire Micro Health Systems Inc. (MHS). MHS provides medical infrared systems for diagnostic screening for breast cancer.

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