By Month (December 2003)

ULIS Gets Honeywell License

ULIS has entered into a licensing agreement with Honeywell that covers the French company’s manufacture of uncooled microbolometers.

Rockwell Supplying JWST FPAs

Rockwell Scientific Co. , RSC, is being awarded the contract to supply the very large infrared focal plane arrays (FPAs) for the NIRCam instrument to be flown on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

Apache FLIR Upgrade

The upgrade of the Apache helicopter TADS/PNVS targeting and pilotage systems is moving closer to production.

IRISYS Wins Awards

Infrared Integrated Systems Ltd., IRISYS, has received two separate industry awards for its pyroelectric cameras.

Boeing EVS Development

Boeing Phantom Works is carrying out R&D on the Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) that will be a part of all future aircraft cockpits.

Pulsed Thermographic NDI of Aircraft

Thermographic Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) has reached new levels of performance according to a recent study carried out by the FAA Airworthiness Assurance Center at Sandia Labs. The study was carried out to evaluate the capabilities of a wide range of NDI methods in detecting flaws in the high strength-to-weight composites used in modern aircraft.

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