By Month (October 2003)

RVS Booking Record Growth for 2003

Raytheon Vision Systems, RVS, is on track for record growth in its infrared business.

Raytheon NV for Hummer H2

Raytheon Commercial Infrared is offering infrared night vision system for the Hummer H2 vehicle.

FCS Core Team Assembled

The U.S. Army’s Future Combat Systems (FCS) lead systems integrators, Boeing and SAIC, have selected the core team of companies that will help to shape the new U.S. fighting force. Infrared sensors will be a key part of FCS.

ENVG Evaluation Moves to Next Phase

The U.S. Army recently carried out operational testing of prototype versions of the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG) - a combined image intensifier/uncooled thermal imager - made by three different industry teams. The evaluation at Fort Benning, Georgia involved use of the viewers by soldiers in an operational environment.

Viper Strike Precision Munition Tested

Northrop Grumman has tested its new Viper Strike munition by dispensing it from a Hunter UAV.

Sarcon Auctioning Off Its Intellectual Property

Sarcon Microsystems is preparing to sell its IP (intellectual property), patents and exclusive license agreements for the uncooled IR microcantilever sensor technology.

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