By Month (June 2002)

Jigsaw Enters Phase II

DARPA’s Jigsaw project to develop an advanced three-dimensional sensor capability for the U.S. Army’s Future Combat System (FCS) is moving into Phase II.

U.S. IR Companies Organize

U.S. exporters of infrared imaging cameras have formed a trade group to promote streamlined export policy guidelines. The new organization, named American Council for Thermal Imaging (ACTI), was formed in Washington, DC in May.

DoD Sponsors Medical IR

The U.S. Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) is sponsoring a highly leveraged study to determine the efficacy of infrared imaging in the diagnosis of breast cancer. The study, which is being organized by Advanced Concepts Analysis, Inc., seeks to leverage existing infrared equipment and medical teams which are already using infrared as an adjunct in the diagnosis of breast cancer

SPIE IR Technology and Applications Conference

SPIE’s Infrared Technology and Applications XXVIII Conference will feature the latest developments in infrared technology and sensors.

DARPA Seeks Development of Adaptive FPAs

The Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking to make another major leap in infrared focal plane array technology. Under the new Adaptive Focal Plane Array program, DARPA is seeking innovative research that will enable revolutionary advances in infrared imaging and sensing.

BAE SYSTEMS Moves QWIPs Back into Research and Development


New Infrared Imaging Products


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Government Contract Awards in Infrared Imaging


Government Contract Solicitations in Infrared Imaging


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