By Month (February 2002)

Raytheon Auto Night Vision

Volvo has became the second car manufacturer to introduce a driver’s night vision system for passenger cars.

SensArray Buys Textron Ops

SensArray Infrared Corp. is acquiring the Textron Systems commercial lead salt detector business, including both PbS (1 - 3 µm) and PbSe (3 - 5 µm) detectors and arrays.

Raytheon TFFE Breakthrough

Researchers at Raytheon have achieved dramatic new results with uncooled thin film ferroelectric (TFFE) focal plane arrays.

Sea-Based Missile Defense in Successful Intercept

The Missile Defense Agency (formerly BMDO) and the Navy have conducted a successful flight test of a Sea-Based Midcourse (SMD) Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) on January 25

COMBATT Program Ready for Next Step

The U.S. Army’s COMBATT (Commercially Based Tactical Truck) Program has been looking to find a cost-effective replacement for its aging HMMWV light tactical vehicles.

Will Uncooled Replace 2nd Gen FLIRs?

Uncooled FPAs have long been considered as highly desirable low-cost sensors for a variety of relatively undemanding military applications, such as Driver’s Night Vision systems.

QWIPTECH Plans to Use QWIPs for Road Safety


German Company Buys Bendix Commercial

The German company Knorr-Bremse has acquired Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems from Honeywell International

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