By Month (July 2001)

Sarcon: $7.8M in New Funding

Sarcon Microsystems has completed a $7.75 million investment round and intends to plow the proceeds into pilot production of its microcantilever uncooled focal plane array (FPA) technology

Low-Cost IR Optics

The search for low-cost optics for infrared imaging systems is picking up speed. In price sensitive applications, such as automotive night vision, the cost of germanium and conventional grinding/polishing are prohibitive.

Search Warrant Needed for IR Use

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement agencies must have a search warrant before forming infrared images of homes.

Fujitsu QWIP Work Points Way to Very High FF

Work by researchers at Fujitsu Laboratories may lead to very high fill factors (FF) in QWIP (quantum well infrared photodetector) FPAs and optimal use of the photosensitive surface.

Raytheon May Move Auto FPAs to Smaller Format

Raytheon Commercial Infrared is considering moving its automotive Night Vision systems to smaller format FPAs

Uncooled Microbolometers in Turkey

Researchers at the Middle East Technical University are fabricating small microbolometer FPAs in a further demonstration of worldwide interest in uncooled infrared technology.

AIM Leverages Detector Work into Systems Aid

AEG Infrarot-Module, AIM is leveraging its work in components, such as focal plane arrays and coolers into providing detector-specific algorithms to support systems solutions

New York State Close to Funding Fire Fighting IR

New York State is close to enacting a major bill to assist fire departments in the purchase of infrared fire fighting cameras. Both the Republican-controlled Senate and Democratic-run Assembly have passed a bill that would allow the state to buy the cameras in bulk.

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