By Month (July 2000)

Navy IR Firefighting Cameras

Shipboard testing of three infrared firefighting cameras has now been completed by the U.S. Navy. All three cameras are expected to be approved for certification for use aboard Navy ships.

VISUAL Puts IR on Carriers

Boeing is developing a new system involving visible and infrared cameras for helping Navy pilots in landings on aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships.

Driver’s Night Vision in Europe

Europe’s DARWIN project for developing a fully integrated night vision sensor for passenger cars has moved into the prototype phase.

ICC Developing Uncooled FPA

Infrared Components Corp., ICC, is developing uncooled microbolometer focal plane arrays using amorphous silicon as the resistive layer.

Update on Gulfstream EVS

The target date for obtaining FAA certification for the infrared Enhanced Vision System (EVS) for the Gulfstream-V business jet has been pushed to the end of this year due to equipment modification

Northrop Grumman Acquires Comptek Research

Northrop Grumman has signed an agreement to acquire Comptek Research (Buffalo, New York) which specializes in electronic warfare simulation and stimulation, threat analysis, mission planning and precision targeting.

COMBATT Program Moves into Phase II

COMBATT Program Moves into Phase IIThe U.S. Army’s Program seeks to find a cost-effective replacement for its aging HMMWV light tactical vehicles with a cost-effective alternative.


SPIE San Diego Conference Features a Few “Firsts”

SPIE’s Infrared Technologies and Applications XXVI Conference - a part of SPIE’s Annual Meeting - will feature several unique sessions that illustrate just how broad international interest in infrared imaging has become

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