By Month (January 2000)

Navy IR Firefighting Cameras

The latest round of tests on infrared firefighting cameras to qualify them for use on U.S. Navy ships has been completed by Quadelta, Inc. a contractor to the Navy’s Safety and Survivability Office.

JSF EO Moves Forward

The electro-optical (EO) systems on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) are moving closer to realization as the two aircraft prime contractors

Elbit, ElOp Complete Merger

Elbit Systems has completed its acquisition of ElOp Electro-Optics Industries - the first such step toward consolidation in Israel’s defense industry.

AIL and EDO Merge

AIL Technologies is acquiring EDO Corp. The combined companies will have revenues of $240 million.

The Status of JSF and the F-22

The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), which is expected to go into Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) in FY2001, is the Pentagon’s answer to controlling the spiraling costs of military aircraft. JSF will satisfy the needs of the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps with variations on a single design.

Thomson-CSF Expands Missile Role

Thomson-CSF is buying out its joint venture partner’s (Bombardier, Inc.) interest in Shorts Missile Systems in what could be a move to form a second large missile company in Europe to compete with Matra BAe Dynamics

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