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Setting Up Shop in the U.S.

Overseas IR Detector Companies Expanding U.S. Operations

January 2010

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Ulis to Supply Microbolometers to Sagem for FELIN Program

Ulis has landed a five year contract with Sagem Défense Sécurité (Paris, France) to be one of the primary suppliers of uncooled microbolometers for weapon sights and handheld infrared cameras, including those used in FELIN, the French Army’s Future Infantry Soldier System.

August 2008

SCD and Sagem Sign Long-Term Supplier Agreement

Uncooled microbolometers for Sagem systems

October 2007

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July 2006

European Future Soldier Systems

Infrared sights for future soldier systems in several European countries are moving ahead rapidly after initially being delayed due to the lack of available uncooled focal plane arrays.