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Elbit Consolidating EVS Businesses in U.S. and Israel

Cooled and uncooled for commercial aircraft pilots

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General Dynamics Buying Axsys

How Will the Acquisition Affect the Commercial and Military Infrared Markets?

June 2009

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November 2008

Aircraft EVS

Market Separates into High and Low Ends

Sofradir Buys Electrophysics

The Strategy Behind the Move

July 2008

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October 2006

Kollsman Readying Uncooled EVS

Kollsman is preparing to roll out its uncooled enhanced vision system for general aviation aircraft, GAViS™ (General Aviation Vision System).

March 2006

Opgal Partnering with WinSoft to Penetrate the U.S. Market

Opgal is partnering with WinSoft on infrared systems. Opgal cameras will be available with the WinSoft ThermaVu software development kit for image analysis, camera control and thermal analysis.