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December 2015

DVE (Degraded Visual Environment) Program Ready to Take Off

Helicopter pilots are constantly faced with a loss of visibility when close to the ground, especially in sandy terrain. Such brownout conditions in degraded visual environments (DVE) have resulted in the loss of nearly 400 Army aircraft, 150 lives and cost over $1 billion. The solution is expected to lie in multispectral sensors (Infrared, Lidar - 3D infrared and millimeter wave and sensor fusion).

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Spectrolab Moves InGaAs APDs into Production

An Enabling Technology for 3D Imaging

December 2010

EVS Certified on Boeing Business Jet

The First Step to Wider Infrared Use in Commercial Aviation?

September 2010

Raytheon Wins SDB II Program

A Trend in Seeker Technology?

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November 2008

Aircraft EVS

Market Separates into High and Low Ends

September 2008

Goodrich SUI SWIR Camera on Scan Eagle UAV

Candidates for STUAS Payload Line Up

July 2007

New Border Sensors Fired Up

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s SBInet sensor network on the Mexican border went into operation along a 28 mile stretch southwest of Tucson. The first section of the “virtual fence” consists of nine 98 foot towers with visible and infrared cameras that send images to a command center and to specially equipped Border Patrol vehicles.

February 2007

Boeing Business Jets to Feature New Uncooled EVS

Rockwell Collins is introducing a new infrared Enhanced Vision System (EVS) - based on a Max-Viz uncooled EVS - for use on Boeing Business Jets. The EVS presents an image on Rockwell Collins’ Head-up Guidance System (HGS®) and head-down displays to enhance pilot situational awareness of terrain and the airport environment in low-visibility situations.

October 2006

Boeing Wins Secure Borders Initiative

The Department of Homeland Security has awarded the first phase of the Secure Border Initiative (SBInet) contract to a team led by Boeing. The program is intended to help secure both America’s southern and northern borders with a network of sensors.