Inside the latest Issue (April 2018)

Infrared Imaging Markets Continue Record Growth

L3 Restructures Uncooled Infrared Business

Moves Uncooled FPA Production to Outside Fab

Tragic Self-Driving Fatality May Raise the Profile of Thermal Imaging

Autoliv Spins Off Electronics and Automotive Thermal Night Vision

Xenics Improves InGaAs FPAs

Leveraging T2SL Substrate Processing for Traditional CZT Processing

Finding Synergies

Room Temperature T2SL Detectors Grown by MOCVD

New Infrared Imaging Products

Company Briefs

Government Contract Awards

Government Contract Solicitations

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Infrared Market Research Reports

Volume IRW-C: The World Market for Commercial and Dual-Use Infrared Imaging and Infrared Thermometry Equipment (2018 edition)

World infrared imaging markets are poised to enter a new phase. The development of new low-cost uncooled imaging detector cores and competitive pressures are leading to lower prices in a wide range of applications from thermographic inspections to law enforcement. At the same time, smartphone thermal imagers at prices under $200 are making the technology available to consumers who have not previously been exposed to infrared imaging.


Volume IRW-M: The World Market for Military Infrared Imaging Detectors & Systems (2018 edition)

Military infrared imaging systems are poised to take a leap forward as advanced new infrared detector technologies become available for the next generation of systems.

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